Saturday, September 23, 2006

Taormina Plays

Right beside Catania is Taormina. It's kinda like the richer, prettier, more spoiled little sister of Catania... but if you want to spoil yourself, then this is the place to be!

The city has tremendous charm. Just strolling around can uncover any number of treasures, like this wishing well hiden in the garden vines with a view that promises all your wishes will come true:

Strange wonders also abound, like this hawk trainer (yes that's a real live owl on top of the sign that he commands):

The city itself is actually split into 2, one on the coast with all the beaches and a few hotels, and one on the mountain face that you see here with most of the housing, shops, restaurants, more hotels, banks and my personal favorite: the famous Greek theatre (that round bowl you see in the upper left of the city):

That pic and this one were taken from the top of the mountain above Taormina which I hiked up to get an especially great view of the city and, in the distance, Mount Etna:

The jewel of the city however is the preserved theatre. Even now after all these years of wear and tear on the building the view is still breathtaking. Imagine catching a midafternoon play where the actors depict drama of the time with the city and sea on the backdrop:

...or a late night opera under the stars and moon:

I leave the rest to your imagination and encourage you to visit... it was certainly one of the highlights that I will never forget...

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