Monday, December 29, 2003

What a terrible year for my Tampa Bay Buccaneers, especially after just cuming off a spectacular Super Bowl winning season... damn!

Since the bucs are not in the playoff hunt, in spirit of my buddy's favorite team it's GO TITANS GO all the way now, although my sentimental favorite has to be Favre and the Pack. Danger draw of the year I think has to go to the Cowboys, I don't know how they made the playoffs but I sure wouldn't want to go against parcells in a playoff game, look at what Billy Beleicek does for the pats... did they really go 14 and 2 with 10 straight wins to finish the season?? Wow, an envious fan I am!

One team I don't envy though is the lolely vikings. You start 6 and 0 and can't get it done up 17-6 against the worst team in the NFL?!?! The worst team in the NFL scores a touchdown, gets an onside kick and THEN scores another touchdown on the last play of the game to send you packing, you've GOT to be kidding me! How much did vegas pay you guys to tank that bad and when can I get on the inside track for next years eventual tankeroo?

A final note on my bucs, next year sched looks easier, only time will tell:

2004 Home Opponents

Kansas City
New Orleans
San Francisco

2004 Road Opponents

New Orleans
St. Louis
San Diego

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