Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wow, Back from Canada not one day and then I was on route to Paris to meet up with an old work friend and to fullfill a promised visit to my international exchange students living in Paris (that I originally was going to see way back in September!).

On Tuesday right after class I jumped on the Bahn and went up to Darmstadt to catch the Germany-Netherlands EuroCup 2004 round robin game. We ended up getting a great seat in a tent in the middle of Ludwigplatz square and had a blast watching the game with everyone. Things took a turn for the worse when later that evening a friend of mine got into a little arguement with a waiter and policeman. He lost the fight :-) and I ended up sleeping on the floor and a couple hard chairs in the waiting room of the policestation for him to get out (so I could go get my stuff from his place for my trip to Paris) which was supposed to be at 8AM. Despite checking with the clerk every two hours, somehow there was a mistake and they had let him out the other door at 5:30AM which means by the time I figured it out and got home it was 9AM and he was sleeping safe and soundly in his comfy bed. I then grabbed my gear and hoofed it to the station for my train.

The trip was a train ride from hell with a never-ending headache and a fat smelly woman who kept taking her shoes off next to me. Things got instantly better after a trouble free hook up with my friends, shopping for picnic supplies and then a trip to the gardens in front of the eiffel tower for some din-din and wine. Little did we know that it also happened to be the final day of exams for the high school and university kids so the gardens ended up turning into a HUGE party. Amazing time (thanks to all my friends for making it happen!).

After the gang disolved to go get some needed shuteye before work the next morning, I met up with Al (visiting from Canada) and had some midnight steak and pizza. The meal cost an arm and a leg but was quite possibly the best pizza ever and the steak was amazing despite looking like a cow patty :-)

A couple hours sleep and a mad rush to the train station and I was on my way back to Pf. I slept the night through and now have a knowledge management seminar for the rest of the week carrying over until next week, I hope it's amazing because if it doesn't knock me off my socks today I'll be skipping the rest for... some rest.

More to cum, the trip home was amazing and I should have some wedding pics soon. Since I still haven't really been back to Pf for anything but classes and sleep I'm still catching up with everyone, but I should see most of you on Sat at Prinzenbar for the game (they give a free beer to everyone everytime Germany scores!). Oh-ley,Oh-ley,Oh-ley,Oh-ley!

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