Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Lately I've been helping two people who would like to buy a new laptop. They're weight, size, batterylife, cost (under $1500 Canadian) and "style" concious without concern for overall power (since they'll mostly be surfing the net, e-mailing and Word). I've recommended the Dell Inspiration 1000 (great screen, 3 year warrenty, great customer service, not great battery life, not integrated WiFi, limited upgradablility) and a clearance corner IBM X31 (great keyboard, good batterylife, very durable, not the greatest screen resolution). Obviously at this pricepoint there's going to be tradeoffs, any of you have any suggestions? What about the Averatec?

With all this searching for new computer equipement my geek envy has set in. My laptop needs an upgrade :-)

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