Friday, September 03, 2004

Links, links, links... I'm cleaning out some of my links I've gathered from the last 2 weeks, so here goes!

If you're interested in the science of how people read, here's an interesting article comparing three prevalent views on how people recognize words.

In light of recent tragic events, here's a russian focused news site in english.

The best photography of 2004, here's one I plucked out, Stephanie Lowell, the only girl on the Pleasant Hill High School football team, she's got stones for going through with it.

(picture by The Register-Guard)

For those of us getting closer to graduation, here's transcripts and eve audio of Cornell's commencement speeches 2004.

Can money buy happiness? This essay postulates that it's all relative.

Another in a string of google articles, this one guesstimating that google could take on AIM. I'm telling you guys its only a matter of time before google moves into the operating system and application software (which will be online) marets to compete against Microsoft. Look, it's already started, and look again, and again, others think so too (but I was the first!). Here's a discussion on some other apps that have already moved.

I can't wait until this years season of "The O.C." starts, but the premiere isn't until November 4th!! What gives!?!?

A very cool (read: geeky) idea. I wish they had movie theatre video game contests when I was younger!

An entry of tips for law students, some of them can equally apply to us MBA's. Although this link on procrastination probably apply's more :-)

And finally I'll leave you all with a sex blog link, where can I get me a ticket for the air-conditioned route 12 bus!!


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