Friday, August 20, 2004

The last 3 or 4 posts on Mark Cuban's Blogmaverick site (now on my blog link list to the right) have been pretty informative, expecially his take on the state of American basketball and the parallel to Canadian hockey in the late 1990's.

World Hockey Championship watching kicks off tomorrow in Koln with Germany versus a depleted Russian team... Go Germany Go!!

Note: Alot of the NHL players have or will sign with european teams for the upcuming season if there is a lockout. This is great news for me since I'll hopefully get to watch some of them in the German league although most are signing in their home countries of Sweden, Findland, Russia and Czech. The others (Canadians and Americans) seem to be deciding on swiss teams, specifically Davos because of their inclusion in the Seingler cup. If that happens we'll have our best NHL players playing for Davos AGAINST our canadian team in the tournament! That sux, but at least Marco Sturm has signed with Inglostadt here in Germany.


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