Wednesday, September 01, 2004

So I rock on over to Famila to pick up some groceries confident that I will be able to reward myself with a "donut spezial" as they call it from the bakery. Now I love my "donut spezials" because it's one of the only food items here in germany that can compare to a Canadian Donut (but of course nowhere close to a Tim Horton's donut, of which I ate about 6 a day for the two week spam when I was back). So I go around, get all my groceries, get fumed at having to pay for plastic bags like everytime and then round the corner to the bakery to buy my reward.

I walk up to the counter, order a donut "spezial" (chocolate covered donut) while searching throughmy walut for the 55 euros cents I know I'll shortly have to give to the clerk when what to my surprise I hear the clerk say "neun-zig cent". I pause, then look up thinking she had been talking to someone else or maybe I had switched into spanish and not heard her correctly.

"Bitte" I say... "neun-zig cent" she proptly replies. I just starred at her. My beloved donut "spezial", my oasis of grocery shopping had, in one friggin day, gone from 55 euro cents to 90 euro cents. What the fuck country am I in when inflation is 65% a day?? Should I be hedgeing my euros by buying rolls of american hundreds??

I still paid it, and it's only 90 cents... but fuck!


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