Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Confederation Cup

The Confederation Cup is the soccer tournament that's held one year prior to the World Cup to get teams and venues ready for the real deal. It's a good thing too since the roof of the Franfurt stadium where the final was held actually broke under the heavy rain and spiled down buckets of water into one of the field corners, gotta get a patch on that eh!

So German hooked us up with tickets to the final months ago and although we were obviously hoping that Germany would be in the final, having the huge rivals Brazil-Argentina wasn't a too bad second choice ;-) The Germany game was on right before the final so we jetted on over to the Frankfurt airport (one stop away from the stadium) to watch the first game so we'd be able to get to the game in time after Germany played. This is us in the basement Irish pub at the airport:

The Frankfurt stadium is brand new and beautiful, not a bad seat in the house:

The only thing more gorgeous than these two studs was Ronaldinho's amazing play:

In the end Brazil steamrolled Argentina, but the crowd atmosphere was electric and the above average number of goals provided ample substitute for not having a close match:

On the way home we had to stop by the airport again to pick up a care package from mommy and daddy from Air Canada Cargo... gotta love those home made cookies! (the package didn't even survive the 45 minute train ride back to Darmstadt!)

Well here's to Germany saving the big win for next years tourni!!

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