Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Le Mans Memories of Glory

Well I've finally sorted through the 100+ pics and videos from our amazing weekend at the "24 Rollers" race in Le Mans... and yes I'm still recovering ;-) I'm going to split the pics/vids into three posts to hopefully avoid breaking your browsers when you load the page ;-) (if you can't see the pics and instead see a small box with a red "X" just right click your mouse on the box and choose "show picture" and it should load). Ok so without further ado:

This is a grumpy Ross in Le Mans at 7 AM since we arrived past the 2AM curfew to the camping groups and had to sleep in the car, bleh! The date/time stamp for all pics are off, I still haven't gotten around to fixing that yet. Actually we jumped the fence to get to the rest of the group but a huge black guy with a flashlight and the threat of "unleasing the hounds" made us accept our fate and scamper back over the wall. For the record, yes that's Nutella I'm speading on, at 7AM anything looks good ;-)

Gettin' the site up and running, thanks to the rest of the team for going ahead early and setting these up for us!

The entrance to the speedway, much much too early in the morning:

The team... lookout fellow Le Mans competitors!

More to follow...

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