Sunday, August 28, 2005

Five Hottest List

Was listening to "3 Guys on the Radio" the other day and they were talking about something that I've been meaning to post about for a long time, from Steve's TGOR Blog we get the "top 5" list of hottie babes. On an old episode of "Friends" (season 3 episode 5) Ross (not EuroRoss mind you) has a laminated card of the 5 famous women he'd like to have sex with if given the chance and asks his girlfriend Racheal (who thinks its utterly ridiculous) to be allowed to do so if given the chance. Needless to say the discussion of who should be on the list between the guys was quite a debate.

Just to tie up the episode, Ross is convinced by his mates to leave off one actress for another "because she lives overseas and he should concentrate on the more likely domestic star encounters", only to find that actress in the very coffee shop he's in! He approaches her and tells her the story (which she finds charming) but when she asks to see his list she gets pissed because she's not on it and Ross loses the opportunity.

In the spirit of this episode I give you my current top 5 famous actresses on my "exempt" list, which changes on an almost daily basis :-)

# 1 - Alyssa Milano

Well ever since girls stopped having "cooties" and "Who's the Boss" hit the airwaves, I've been in love with Alyssa. She's always been my #1 and always will be [for famous actresses I mean ;-) ]

# 2 - Kate Beckinsale

A classic beauty who knows how to kick it with such fighter flicks as Underworld and romances like Serendipity:

# 3 - Victoria Adams

Probably would be #2 if if weren't for a little space for rent upstairs. None the less stunning:

# 4 - Rachael Stevens

Now that she's out of that crappy S Club 7 band to focus on her equally bad solo career hopefully she'll have more time to search around the world looking for me ;-)

# 5 - Diane Lane

A bit of a surprise, and as the oldest one on the list perhaps a little perplexing, but if you've seen the heat in her movie "Unfaithful" and you combine that with the class and wit of her personality then you'll certainly be won over by this beauty:

Some others that have been on the list at one time or another that don't quite make the cut anymore but would be worthy of anyones list for sure: Kate Boseworth, Laetitia casta, Rachel Stevens, Maura Tierney, Catherine Zeta Jones, Keri Russel, Pam Anderson, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Jacinda Barratt, Katie Holmes, Shania Twain, Jenny Garth, Elizabeth Hurley, Leslie Bibb, Racheal Bilson.

Any suggestions? Did I totally overlook sombody? Who's on your list (girls and guys)?

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