Monday, August 22, 2005

Et Le Fin

In yellow jersey Tour De France-esc style we wrap up last weeks tour in Paris. As you can tell from the photo we arrived into town just after midnight allowing Griz to see his first Eiffel tower lit up like a christmas tree:

When you're traveling around on the subway for 16 stops you've sometimes gotta make your own fun ;-)

Considering the fact that Grizzy was in Paris for only 24 hours we headed out early the next morn to do some power sightseeing. Even though our biking idea got totally screwed, we were still able to get our feet in motion and hit the mainstays, strike a pose Grizzy ;-)

Alo alo!

Tres cool, I'd love to be rumling downtown Ottawa with this bad boy!

Gizzy vs. Eiffel:

Don't ask me, it was a long day being exposed to lots of heat which might have had something to do with this pic:

After a long day of sightseeing (and bank-seeing, another story altogether) I took Griz over to the local Canadian ex-pat bar The Moose. Yes they sell Moosehead (locally brewed though) but we decided upon a highly recommended Molson-Canadian style beer on special that day, man that was one cold, smooth beer!

The Moose is cool, love the "50":

That's it! All caught up from Grizzy's short stint on mainland Europe. I might post some of the other photo's he got but probably just on Flickr instead of the main sight. Thanks to everyone who we met on our tour and who made it fantastic :-)

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