Friday, August 19, 2005

Koeln Stopover

On the way to Karlsruhe Kris and Hefe's actual wedding ceremony in Krombach I stopped off with Griz in Cologne Friday morning for a (very) little sight-seeing. First on the list and right out of the train station is of course the famous church. By the way, the 3 euro sandwhiches at the bahn are frigging huge with a great taste to match!

After an initial stint downtown we then headed for the hostel on the other side of the river. It's one of my favourites being so close to the downtown, trainstation and also being quite new and comfortable. It doesn't suck that they love Canadians there either as demonstrated by the country flag outside:

After dropping off our stuff we headed back downtown to enjoy the sights, riverbank and sun :-)

With that I was off, continueing my journey to Krombach, leaving Griz behind for the night to enjoy Cologne's other attraction: the nightlife. There was however one last piece of business... having a famous kulsch of course! I just couldn't stand for the regular 0.2 kulsch, that's just too close to a shot of beer for me, so we went with the 0.3 version ;-)

You might be wondering how we got this great location for a beer, right by the famous church on the weekend when the pope was to arrive for the national childrens day festival, especially when this location would be jam packed on a normal tourist summer day. The answer my friends is that when you're having a beer at 9am in the morning there's very little competition for seating ;-)

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