Thursday, August 18, 2005


In the spirit of Charley Rosen's article on the ten most overrated NBA hall of famers (Barkley was so useless!), I figured I'd post a frivolous, unresearched, opinionated post on the current five most overrated hockey players according to EuroRoss:

5 Bobby Holik - How can one guy spooge so much from being a lazy semi-average 3rd line centre playing for a brillinatly coached and mananged Devil's club?
4 Radek Bonk - Can he still be overrated now that everyone knows he sux?
3 Alexandre Daigle - Biggest draft bust ever! Thanks alot Bryden.
2 Pierre Turgeon - 7.5 Million in 2004? I think not amego. You're also on this list for your debacle of a brother Sylvan who actually got sent home during training camp to lose weight from a last place senators club in the 90's!
1 The Leafs - Well technically the Leafs are an organisation, and a terrible one at that, but they certainly needed to make the list.

You know what else is overrated? This guys belly... yeah it could be bigger... trust me.


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