Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Stieffel Brigade

I think my last intial post on Karlsruhe and Hefe's wedding stag and doe might have somewhat misconstrued the primary activities of the night... Stieffel drinking! With that in mind I now present to you the nights Stieffel Hall of Fame and (as in the case with a few missed opportunities) the Hall of Shame:

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! Um wait, I better check my pulse, am I going to still be alive after finishing this?!?! ;-)

Take a toke, pass it around:

The U-Bear packing in the Stieff:

...But it takes a women to finish the boot! ;-)

Du-be, Dube-do:

Well as a bachelor gift the Stieffel seemed to work out ok; further evidence being its apparent "banning" from the wedding diner the following week :-) To all the new members of the Stieffel gang as well as the old timers and emerging Hall of Famers (Jenny you're at 5 finished boots now eh?!), a hearty Proscht! :-)

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