Thursday, August 18, 2005

Denmark Yonder

After an amazing Stag and Doe I was off on a 22 hour "weekender" train ticket north to Denmark. The weekender ticket is extremely cheap (30 euros for up to 5 people) but only allows you to use the slow regional trains. Needless to say after almost 10 hours and 2 missed connections I scrapped that idea, bought a fast ICE connection to the border of Denmark and finally got my ass up to meet with Betts and my buddy Grizzy (traveling around europe from Canada). It was well worth the trip. After arriving we wasted no time in catching up ;-)

It wasn't all fun and games, we also took a gander at the local architeture:

...And filled our stomachs with some tradtional Danish cuisine:

Grizzy's more of a "rock/building tourist" than I am (meaning he likes to check out famous buildings, churches, museaums etc) so we also had to go check out Hans Christian Anderson's house that he grew up in... unfortunatly for Griz I don't think he realized that the house he was hopeing to get a pic of was actually behind him (notice the people in the background taking a photo next to his actual house)! Hilarious!

A guy's gotta get his workout in somehow while on vacation ;-)

Not wanting to come empty-handed, I decided to make the gang breakfast, showing off my rapidly improving crepe making abilities learned in the heart of Paris this summer:

We also saw some other monuments such as this statue. Apparently there's a VERY famous Danish song written about this exact statue... um ok we're Canadian so we didn't really get it ;-)

The trip to the sea brought great scenery, homemade icecream waffle cones and a whole lot of wind!

Some times you've just got to stop and pick the roses ;-)

After a full couple days of sightseeing it was time to get our party ON! Grizzy the eternal playa struts his stuff with our girls:

Little did he realize that all they wanted to do was go have some tea ;-) (actually the tea cups are for a dice drinking game, a very fun game I might add!).

When hunger strikes... are you going to be able to eat all that? ;-)

A great 4 days seemed to fly by, it was time to start the next leg of our journey. Off to Germany to show Griz the fruits of Germany's brewmaster labours!

There's always time left for one last sightseeing hike next to the river!

No longer dumb enough to even think about taking the weekender ticket back, we were lucky to snag a great deal on some night express tix. Grizzy definatly had the best seat in the house... my last sight of him before hitting the sac leaving him to converse with "Loosey St. Louis". I tried to get the full story the next morning, alas the Grizzy Bear does not kiss and tell... well at least not without making me promise not to blog about it! ;-)

More pics etc to come when I hook up with Grizzy in London and get the other half of the pics.

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