Monday, August 22, 2005

The Journey Continues...

After a fun night in Stuttgart we managed to finally re-unite German and Grizzy in Darmstadt. The boys were on the town and in a mood to get busy!

Trick photography from the water spout I swear! Although I don't know what Griz and German are looking at ;-)

Grizzy the angel or devil? "Mach's Mit!" :-)

Hitting the Irish pub on a Sunday night at 3am sometimes means drinking alone. Actually Grizzy just cleared the place by dropping a bomb ;-) I swear all these pics looked like they were in focus that night! ;-)

From the home of a self-professed Leaf fan... the truth is revealed! :-)

The next morning we had to go sightseeing. On tap was hitting the art's district with it's cool architecture (pics to come but are currently on Grizzy's camera in London) and even more impressive... the biggest beer store in Germany! (yes they even sell some Canadian beer, Molson Canadian and Moosehead)

A busy travel schedule starts to take it's toll... off to Paris!


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