Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nacht Express From Hell

Taking the night express is not always a joy, but hey if it's the cheapest way to travel and saves you a night in a hostel then ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Unfortunatly last night it was the wrong solution as I was bunked with an old woman and a 21 and 22 year old couple... soon the old lady would leave.

It started out with a bad omen as the couple were already in my top bunk when I arrived, no probs I just took the other open bed. However there's something about people wispering for an hour, then making out for an hour (that's when the old lady had enough and left), then getting into a heated arguement (3am) for another hour or so and finally breaking out into an all out hitting fest that makes for a shitty night of sleep. After the first fist fight they left for a smoke (which I could smell upon their return) and started the process all over again: whispering, talking, shouting, hitting, leaving for a smoke. The best part was at 5:45 they finally left for 30 minutes where I actually got some shuteye... that is until their frigging cell phone alarm went off over and over again! Actually I lied, the BEST part was how they asked me for help talking to the conductor (they only knew french) and then helping them again to buy a ticket at the station!

Something was seriously fucked with these two as they had travelled from Paris to Stuttgart on the night train (80 euros each and going through Frankfurt) only to ask to go essen right away (back through Frankfurt and an additional 90 euros each when they could have gone straight to cologne then essen for 85 euros and 4 hours less travel time!). BRUTAL! Oh well, at least the chick was a hottie ;-)

So I'm sitting here at 7:20 am waiting for Timmy and Slimmy to get out of the shower so we can go start the beer parade. On tap is "traditional Bavarian" breakie (sausage and beers), then of course CBP for a few, hooking up with Karlsruhe Kris for the Kickers pokal win over Hamburg ;-) and finally off to Wurzburg for a throwback uni-party... yummy.


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