Sunday, August 21, 2005


Seeing Karlsruhe Kris yesturday reminded me to get my ass in gear and post the rest of the wedding pics! So here goes, we start off where we left off, returning from Cologne Friday morning to get our class-on at the wedding. Here's the pre-afternoon gang. You can forgive the fuzzyness of Karlsruhe's picture as he might have been a little nervous ;-)

The wedding was held at this cool castle on top of a nearby mountain. Maybe some predictive marriage bells in the future here? ;-)

The ceremony was held in the castle church, a very quaint room within the compound. Da Dum De Dum... the music's going and it's about to start!

No worries, the ceremony when off without a hitch, beautifully done would be an understatement, don't they look great together! Congrats Karlsruhe and Hefe!

Leaving the late night dancing, partying and "other" pics from the evening for any who e-mail, we now show the gang the next morning hiking up the mountain to Karlsruhe's parents house to drop off our gift and say our goodbye's:

Once again congrats guys, you two are perfect for each other and I couldn't be happier for you both! PS> Hefe when do you finally convince Karlsruhe to give up cheering for that regionalliga destined team HSV and cheer for a real team like VFB eh! ;-)

With that we were off on a 5 hour (more due to a soccer match stop-over in Frankfurt pictured here) journey to Stuttgart to hook up with the rest of the gang:


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