Friday, September 09, 2005


There's nothing funnier than a good old fashioned cat fight, especially when it's two secretaries in an e-mail flame war that eventually gets them both fired. Usually these crazy cats are fighting over some total loser not worth a minute of their time, but this time they were fighting over the nobel cause of a missing ham sandwhich. Can't you see how that conversation went after returning home early from work:

Husband: "Hi honey, why are you home from work so early?"
Wife: "I got fired today."
Husband: "That's terrible, what happened?"
Wife: "Some bitch stole my sandwhich."
Husband: "Uh huh... and?"
Wife: "And what? Then we got fired over it."
Husband: "No I mean: and where's my diner?"

Ok well I'm sure it'd be something like that. Either way, getting fired for arguing over a missing ham sandwhich definatly qualitfies as both one of the dumbest things ever as well as one of the shittiest days at the office.


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