Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Land Of OZ

One of my best buddies from my old job in Waterloo (who is coincidentally half the reason I stayed mentally sane working there in fact, thanks Allie!) has packed up and headed down under to start anew. Very cool... and with pics like this that she keeps sending me I know it won't be long before I join her for some fun and sun, particularly:

1 - Trekking across the plains, eating Kangaroo meat and shackin' up with the natives along the way.

2 - Surfing baby! All day, all night... well I'll be loaded at night so mostly all day ;-)

3 - All Blacks rugby game, ok well they're from New Zealand but maybe they'll play in Oz for a match ;-)

4 - Utilizing my Canadian accent which Aussie's apparently find sexy to my full advantage... only to bum smokes, beers and info on all the local hot spot's of course ;-)

5 - Did I mention my buddy Brent lives on the beach on the north west coast basically surfing all day and working in his surf rental shop during his "off hours"... that's what I'll be doing, without the work part that is ;-)

Keep em' coming Al baby, I never get sick of seeing new ones!


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