Friday, September 09, 2005


Back from a wicked trip down to the states, thanks to Davey for letting me crash and showing me around the NY scene! It's hilarious cus the upscale places we hit didn't even want to let me in until it was pointed out that my deceptively grunge looking jeans and german jersey were actually some high priced fashion costing thousands of dollars (5 euros at the military surplus store)... hilarious!

Anyways I've been back to NA a week but it really hasn't felt like it since the first weekend was all family catchup (father's b-day to boot) and then off to NY for 3 days. It's gone fast and looks to go even faster. This weekend I'm off to grand old Montreal for a day or two, camping sometime early next week (Jeanie gimme a call I don't have your number or e-mail for carpooling pickup times), back to Ottawa in time for Pearl Jam next Friday, Saturday back to T-dot (looks like the Saturday afternoon football games a go baring the weather, deets on where/when to meet for those hooking up later that night to be posted sometime soon), Sunday the Sens-Leafs preseason game (if you want in you've gotta e-mail ASAP as we're trying to get tickets pronto), poker's been moved to either Sunday or Monday night, Monday golf at the Fox near Guelph (Dave can you get Monday afternoon off? Chris do we need to pick you up at home or East Sides?) then back to NY for a second interview... whoew!

Anyways the point is, if anyone wants to hook up with us for any of the above just drop a line. I'm still only halfway through my e-mails and calls so hang tight gang, I can't wait to see you guys! Get your livers READY!! :-)

This is what was on the kitchen table to greet me this morning when I returned home:

If that's not the most suggestive duck decoy ever then I don't know what is!

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