Sunday, January 15, 2006

Burlington Nights

Having decided that having a three way skype conference between Dave, Stevie and myself at 6pm on Saturday night was probably one of the most pathetic excuses for being men I decided to take the quick hop on the Go and hook up with Whitey in Burlington to check out his condo (that I have yet to see), the HNIC games and the Bur-Scene.

I'd show you pics of Whitey's shaggin' pad but the ladies will just have to check it out for themselves ;-) Add together a large screen TV, full surround sound, computer geek-room, mirror's on the bedroom ceiling and all the travel memorbilia and pics you can imagine and you can see why I almost decided to permanently live there (much to Dave's shagrin):

Chillin' at one of the local pubs, having a few brews, watchin' a little hockey, life in Canada is good :-)

What's more retarted than skype calling on Saturday night? Waiting in line to get into some high school bar. Seriously I'm so over that. Man it was freezing, good thing I sweet talked the bouncer into letting Dave through the line, unfortunatly now I have to be that guys bitch :-( :-)

The local band was rockin' away. Pink hair + standing on tables = good show :-)

Um Dave... why are you peeing on that guys van?

This post is degenerating as fast as my ability to stay awake. Is it really almost Monday??

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