Thursday, January 12, 2006

Europe X-mas

Christmas comes twice this year for EuroRoss :-)

Because I have such great friends in Europe (but because they are a little dillusional about package delivery times to Canada), a bunch of packages from Europe arrived at my parents house for me last week. Of course I'm in Hamilton/Toronto right now setting up my new 75% timeshare pad (which I need a cool name for by the way; club 75? 3 quarters? ok I don't know...), so my parents (loving as they are) bundled all those gift goodness up and sent it on over. :-)

The wait was over! Merry Christmas to me... again. :-) Without furthur ado:... wait stop the presses. I hope you're not expecting much, if you knew my friends you certainly wouldn't ;-) Well it's the thought that counts right?

Everybody needs a little luck in their life, right? I loved my time in Blarney which I'm sure is where the idea for this gift came from, my very own Blarney stone! Quaried from the same one as the famous Blarney. Man I can't wait to get back there this summer, this time you should come join me for a pint... or two! ;-)

Good start, rock on. Skipping past a bunch of cards (thanks gang, you know who you are, or arn't as it were), we now get to something a little more puzzling. M&M's? Um, yeah we have those over here. Thanks, wierdo :-)

This next gift makes me wonder if there was a special on shipping charges for rocks, a lucky rub stone! I'm already grinding this baby down trying to soak in all that luck juice :)

More cards... letters... mom and dad snuck in some brownies, unfortunatly UPS is about as careful with their packages as Microsoft is about releasing secure code; icing all over the place. Don't worry, I can tell you from experience that if you shove the entire contents of the container in your mouth at the same time it all tastes the same ;-)

Da de da... finally, la piece de la resistance. German always comes through and this time he did in spades: a brand new Germany national team jersey in advance of our world cup 2006 game in Germany!! ROCK ON!

All jokes aside thanks to all my peeps in Europe for remembering this guy, even if I did only leave like 2 weeks before Christmas ;-) Most appreciated (I'm dancing around in my jersey, eating M&M's and rubbing my stones all over the place right now! ;-)

Merry X-mas everyone... again :-)

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