Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Les Cinq Francais

It seems the "fab five" list is catching on. That's the list popularized in an episode of Friends by Ross who laminates a list of five famous babes that he's "allowed" to approach if he ever gets the chance in life even though he was going out with Racheal. Racheal thinks it's ridiculous and tells Ross no problem (since she thinks he'll never have a chance to meet, let alone date them) and of course hilarity ensues.

Now I've posted my list before, however like all things over time it tends to change (although Alyssa will always be #1!! ;-) Seems like some others are getting in the grove and have been e-mailing me their lists. Some are interesting, some surprising and some plain out weird! For all my North American friends, here's an example of some french sexyness (all french actors):

#5 - Romain Duris

#4 - Vincent Casse

#3 - Vincent Lindon

#2 - Gerard Lanvin

#1 - Gerard Darmon

It must all be in the name, lads if you want to pick up a French girl just tell her your name is Vincent or Gerard (and a famous Canadian movie star) ;-)

So what have ya? Who's on your list? :-)

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