Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Theo = Trouble

Well we all knew it wouldn't take very long. Looks like Theo's back in trouble, although admittingly it looks like this wasn't much of his fault.

Theo Fleury was one of the NHL and team Canada's star players ever since he burst onto the scene with the Calgary Flames back in 88' when he helped Calgary win the Stanley Cup as a rookie. A great hockey player that you've just gotta love seeing as he plays like he's 7 feet tall despite being one of the smallest players in the league barely breaking 5 feet. And look at those missing teeth!

His career in the NHL however was cut short due to too many trips to the substance abuse program for being an alcoholic. Eventually he just gave up and went overseas to play. Now he's playing for the league leading Belfast Giants (basically the sole reason I wanted to drive 9 straight hours to Belfast while I was in Ireland for a brief stop over a couple months ago but just couldn't pull it). The other night he got into a bit of a broo ha ha with some of the fans of opponent team Coventry. Oh Theo, will you ever learn? :-)

Theo will always be one of the best players in Canadian/NHL history, just look at his inspirational performance in the Olympics 4 years ago.

I just hope he keeps playing in Belfast long enough for me to go see a game next year...

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