Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sports Saturday

It was so sunny and warm today I swear I saw someone walking around in shorts! So much for the great Canadian winter! Time to settle in, watch some hockey AND football and "multitask" with some web surfing. Life is good:

I can't wait to get back to Berlin this year... 10 euro all you can drink pubcrawl you say? ;-)

The Ottawa Senators have found a buyer for the naming rights to their arena. Formally known as "The Corel Centre", it will now be known as "ScotiaBank Place". Quite frankly, that stinks.

All politicians are corrupt. This quick policy questionaire will help you deside who you should vote for in the upcoming elections, but it won't change the fact that all politicians are corrupt.

Ahem. Average national penis sizes... for the record I've spent most of the last 8 months in Paris and I did feel quite at home ;-)

Gross, fish with two mouths. Yeah pollution doesn't have any effect at all.

Germany now has a Hooters! It's in Neunkirchen (near Cologne)... why?... right next to a US military base... oh. And speaking of Hooters... our miss Canada winner:

There's no lesbian kissing in Cricket... ok but there is a bit of Gay erotic grinding.

You may earn millions as a superstar soccer player, but if you touch my woman I'll beat the snot out of ya!

Mac people making fun of Windows people. Funny stuff.


I think I'm getting old, can't remember if I posted this already or not. Hopefully you're also getting old and have no idea either ;-) What the world map would look like proportional to country population:

The British Embasy has World Cup 2006 info for those Kur-A-Zee English fans :-)

Back to Sports Saturday... :-)

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