Sunday, May 07, 2006

CBC Good, Millen Bad

An open comment to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), our nationally owned broadcaster (TV, radio, etc.) that produces the most prized 6 hours of television for every Canadian every Saturday night: Hockey Night In Canada.

Please replace Greg Millen's commentary with the scratching sound of nails on a chalkboard as it would illicit considerably less pain to your viewership. Millen's "insights" display the acumen of a blunted club while producing ten times the damage to my brain that the former could ever hope to achieve.

In addition, if you can explain what drug you were on when you hired this tool in the first place the stoners in B.C. would be eternally grateful. How someone who is booed off local Ottawa radio can get a national television gig truly demonstrates why humanity should believe in miracles.

PS> I just found out this pylon has a website. I have to go and barf now.

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