Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Le Mans Finale

After our long night team sessions morning arrived with a renewed energy as the finish was in sight. Look at Rossi warming up with some ramp action ;-) Here's some of the team hanging around the pits:

This was our batton transition station, check out our "partner" team in the yellow and orange jerseys :-)

The spirit of cooperation throughout the weekend was truely impressive. It wasn't 600 teams competing against each other, it was 600 teams working in unison to best the track, our personal times and overall enjoyment:

Here's our anchor rolling over the finish line. Our team swayed from as high as 250th to as low as almost 400th and in the end we ended up a respectible 338 (for a rookie team). We've now set the bar for next year which we for sure will best now that we've acquired some tricks and experience!

Canada represents!

At the end we all had a little fun on the track:

I guess that huge snoz of a nose comes in handy sometimes! ;-)

Team "Les Roule Hot Rillettes Peppers":

Thanks again to team captain and organiser Flash Leconte and the rest of the team for a tremendous weekend of fun! A bientot mes amies!

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