Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Indecision Of Feeling

You know how certain songs remind you of certain people or specific places or an instant in time or whatever... well Al's shot in some great pics from Oz that have just got to go on the site, so I'm pairing them with the songs that combine to remind me of things. Regular readers know I post song lyrics from time to time, either because I've recently heard the song and it's rocking or because I'm feeling a mood at that point in time or whatever... Anyways I don't say what those things I'm thinking about are as I like to leave the images and sounds to inspire you in whatever way it does without influence.... ok enough preamble, the first pic reminded me of the video on the coast which reminds me of... well anyways I rambling now, forgive me it's 4am... download the video if you can.

Got You Were I Want You - The Flys

Hey, what's the point of this?
Oh hey, what's your favorite song?
Maybe we could hum along.
Well, I think you're smart,
you sweet thing,
Tell me your name,
I'm dying here.

Got you where I want you

Hey, maybe just a smile.
Oh hey, did you know that I can dance?
Could we talk for awhile?
Well, I think you're smart,
you sweet thing,
tell me your sign,
I'm dying here

Got you where I want you

Suffer, Suffer,
You know you get no rubber,
Gone with a pretty girl
changing me like no other.

Suffer, Suffer,
You know there is no rubber,
Would you like a minute to
put that thing on your lover?

Got you where I want you.


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