Wednesday, March 31, 2004

A good quote I picked up from the March 30th entry of the blog StarkDavingMad:

"Pain is weakness leaving the body"

Not sure how bullseye this comment is but it sounds inspirational.
There's something wonky going on at Baden-Baden airport. All the in-streets in the airport ring roads are named with Canadian cities. Not only that but they also have an ice hockey and curling arena right on airport grounds. Was that a Canadian military base in the past?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Great job spacemen, in a hundred years from now earth will be bombarded with hundreds of thousands of tiny nuclear bombs that were sent up into space by ourselves. Just great. Looks like we were right to worry about nuclear bombs from Russia, but who would have thought they would be time delayed!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Today I waited over 40 minutes to get into the university parking lot before giving up and resorting to an old illegal spot that I used to use. The frigging car counter thing (I'm sure that's the official term for it) is always broken... actually worse than broken, it functions as badly as I do after a full afternoon of soccer, basketball and all night "boot/stifle" drinking, which is not too good. What a great time Sat, and for all of us old folks that are still sore 2 full days after playing all I can say is that it's time to get back into shape, right after I apply some bengay.

Here's a great article on 40 things drunkies should do before they die. As for my score, 35 down, 5 to go. For the record only number 6, 14, 34, 37 and 40 elude my resume. I get half a point for #6 as I've done it in a regular graveyard, a bonus point for number 11 (story to follow) and 14 is only a matter of time before I get my house and subsequently my state of the art drinking facility. I especially like this quote: "And when you do belly up to that big open bar in the sky and the bartender asks: “What sort of life did you lead?” you can look him right in the eye and say, “Gabe, baby, I’m glad this is eternity, because I’ve got a helluva lot of stories to tell.”

As for #11, now I've bought many a drink over the years both for friends, foes and others but there's one time that just came to mind from the great Daytona spring break roadie of 2001 (22 hour drive there, 18 back not including the 2 hour stop by the border police confiscating our fireworks). Everyone knows that EuroRoss puts the "ass" in "class", especially when getting a good booze on, so we're all sitting in Flannagin's irish restaurant/bar having our daily 3PM 2 for 1 pints and these two smoking hotties walk in and sit a couple tables away from the bar where we've staked out for the last week. So EuroRoss descides he's worthy of their attention and wants to somehow differentiate himself from all the other masses that try the typical "sending a drink over to the table". Long story short, I sent over a couple waters and had the waiter tell the girls "the gentlemen over there sent these over, because you're worth it". Needless to say it was a hilarious afternoon. It didn't actually work beyond getting a couple laughs from them and about an hour of conversation, but we were gods to the bartenders and rest of the barfly's for the rest of the week. As an afterthought, just writting this story in the blog fullfills #34, another one bites the dust!

An update on other current addictions: Buitoni pasta with Knorr napoli sause and an unhealthy dose of pepper, getting live playoff webcast, team 1200 radio audio and stat feed from and listening to looped versions of narcotic by liquido, BNL live Ottawa 2004 and reflections by the one and only miss Diana Ross.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Some very insightfull and sometimes common sense thoughts on resume writting from an HR recruiter from Microsoft.
Big Brother Germany is so much sluttier than the American version, hense making it sooo much better.
Well the first ever Alumni Meeting for all Wisex and MBA's is finally over. What a crazy weekend, highly successfull I would say! Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated, good times for sure! Some highlights were the Luftansa "sandwich makers" presentation, great roast pork buffet and of course every sore muscle in my body from soccer Saturday. Ooch! We'll all totally have to get a regular game going, just as soon as the pain goes away :-)

What a great VFB-Bremen game today, living up to all the hype, but Bundesliga championship dreams for VFB are now officially over... I just hope we beat Munich!

If the weather today is any indication, it's going to be a great summer on Kepler roof, time to fire up the BBQ and take the top off the jeep! Sweet!
It's been a full week since my last post so I thought I'd start off with a couple gems from our main man Stevie J who got them in first:

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Wondering what problems the future has in store? Here's a look at seven possible future dilemas. But in the meantime just enjoy the sunshine, maybe design your own Nike shoes.
I heard there was a Canadian band playing at Irish pub this weekend so I mosied on over there last night for a couple beers and to check them out. Turns out that not only are they from Canada, but also formed at Carleton University in Ottawa, my hometown! To top it all off they were good, really good, and even stayed for a couple beers and shots after the show. One question for anyone that was there, who was that skank?? :-)
Soon it begins...

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Word of the day: Coyotus Interruptus "A momentary suspension of the law of gravity, usually accompanied by the sudden realisation of impending gravitational acceleration"

I love those old Roadrunner cartoons :-)

Poker night tonight... sweet, time to break out the cigars!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Doom and gloom story of the week, not good!
NHL playoffs start in a couple weeks, junior hockey playoffs start tonight, the world juniors schedule for 2005 came out today and DEL playoffs are in full swing... life is good for hockey fans :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

All I have to say is GAME ON!

Actually I also want to say GO 67'S GO!!

Oh yeah, and shout out to the peeps!!! :-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

From time to time I'm asked to translate things (or at least re-write them) for grammer and structure etc. There's many utilities for this, google, babblefish... but the best translator bar none is the Snoop Dog Shizinator!

Ok... ok... ok I can't believe this but I just saw David Hasselhoff dressed all in black leather on TV singing "Love Me Tender" for an Elvis revival show. Children, when you see this on TV it's time to get off your coach and into the bar. See you all in Kepler tonight!
Line of the day:

"What-evuh, spud! Call my beepah! I can't guarantee I'll be callin' you back, fool!

I'm going to use this multiple times tonight at kepler just to see what happens, so don't be offended, or be offended, as you wish.
An Indian parody of the Simpsons opening, "the Singsons".
Is anyone out there stealing EuroRoss?

Monday, March 15, 2004

Welcome and congrats to all new students!

Remember Tuesday (after 8PM) Kepler (downstairs of the residence), Irish 5PM Wednesday, Tuesday 23rd 11:30AM Mensa students committee meeting and Hockey Night in Germany, VFB Stuttgart game, traditional German/schwabish spetzle (I know I spelt this wrong) meal and trip to Monaco details all cuming soon. Speaking of Monaco, here's a pic from the late train from Nice to Monaco (great view and ride!):

and another "after" picture from the restaurant (my favorite actually, get the lamb and chocolate cake... amazing, actually everything there is amazing!):

Sunday, March 14, 2004

They've discovered my ploy, time to change EuroRoss to some other unsespecting website!
Wouldn't it be great if VoIP telephony was offered at wholesale here in Germany, something tells me that there must be a few small DSL providers that have started this but my research has not turned up anything. AT&T just rolled out their American service, that's one great thing about America, they tend to get new products to market quickly, usually takes a year or two before companies feel the Canadian market is worth entering :-(

They're saying that there's been problems with Hotmail and MSN over the weekend, but EuroRoss has been spared :-)

Also interesting is this site which lists all hockey fights from the NHL over the years, you can even vote for who you think won each one!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

UPDATE: I just found out that Jerri from Survivor All Stars was born in Stuttgart Germany (her father was in the US army). Cool, but I still hope she gets voted off. She also posed in Playboy in 2001, highest selling issue of that year.
Some interesting notes from the week:

McDonalds has started to test market free Wi-Fi at some of its locations following the lead of Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and some other networks. My next notebook will definatly have the integrated wi-fi/centrino combo as that's the only regret I have from buying this laptop.

Also a funny tidbit of info on McDonalds, their salads seem to be more fattening than there burger and fries! Guess taking all that teasing when you ordered the salad last time wasn't quite worth it eh Timmy!

A funny website showing a parody of what it's like when you break up with your girlfriend, I think it's british.

All the crappy television that I hated while in Canada seemed to be a hundred times better after being deprived from it for almost a year. Recent vacation addictions included "The OC", "Survivor All Stars" and old reruns of "Deep Space Nine".

And finally another picture post from the break:

Friday, March 12, 2004

Another Stevie J forward classic:

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I like doing these things, 135, not bad, sucks that this one doesn't tell you the answers to the questions unless you pay for a personalized test :-(

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wow, the postings really take a hit during vacation. Not surprising. Anyways I'm back! So all of you that need help, have questions or are ready to pile on the work just drop me a line. I can't believe school starts Monday!

A great vacation, thanks to all my buddies back home who made it worth the 18 hour trip (8 hour layover... nice!) home. I know alot of you have already been filling my inbox with e-mails asking for pictures and so they'll be posted every couple days or so as I get them, here's one to kick it off:

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Someone upstairs is looking down on me, my junior team's playoff games will be webcast :-) This is HUGE!!

I am soooo out of shape! I just pent the day moving furniture and now it's hard to move my fingers to write this post! Time to hit the gym! Actually I'm off partying the next two days, hardcore, but then the gym :-)

For those of you that are wondering if you made it into "the 5 club" for economics, you can check out some of your marks (the ones that have been submitted) by clicking on "prufungsergebnisse" from the main Pforzhiem website (just sign in on the left from that page).

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

If you're up past midnight and surfing the web like me, then you sometimes run into fun, cool or annoying websites. Check this one out where each letter of the alphabet it taken from a different movie poster. I got like 3 before cheating to get the answers.
Maybe this explains my wardrobe :-) Stevie I'm cuming to T-dot Sat with my "dress for less" :-)

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Some interesting points for today:

The Pforzheim University e-mail server seems to be down, and apparently has been for over a week. Aussie all my e-mails I've been sending you over the last two weeks are bouncing back now... useless! So if you have a pf e-mail account and you're wondering why no-one is sending you e-mails, mystery solved. Don't get your hopes up Tim, YOUR empty mailbox is because no one loves you :-)

I'm looking to switch to O2 when I get back because Vodaphone is a bloodsucking cash rapist. I wish this phone (scroll to links at the bottom) would be available by then, alas I doubt my wallet could sustain that economic hit as I think the starting price is going to be more than I even paid for my laptop (have I mentioned recently how much I love my laptop, as I joyfully type away on it).

A coin flip is no longer 50-50? E-gads! I was also interested at the small point at the end that states that a spinning penny (assumeably an American penny) lands tails 80% of the time due to weight distribution. I think I just made up a new word: assumeably :-)

A website showing some of the best pictures of 2003 (according to them). Some of them aren't bad including this picture of the world at night:

Finally, interesting business news cuming out of IBM. This strategy worked wonders for Nintendo in the 80's, but is Microsoft just to big and pervasive in today's marketplace?