Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday Tips

Lots of stuff going on today:

Google released an updated toolbar, Cnet's got a quick video showing some of the new features.

When you die, do you want to become jewerly? (and if so, how much do you think you'd be worth?) ;-)

A very cool commercial.

Um, who's heard of the Lisa Loeb reality show... and why didn't you tell me about it? Especially since she apparently walks around in her gitch! I love it when wholesome chicks with smash hit songs ("Stay") suddenly go all horney and stuff :-)

There's more, but in the interest of being able to get up tomorrow morning, it's bedtime...


After years of listening to blatant lies from Ottawa Senators spokespeople on how we the fans needed to cut some slack to Daigle and then in later years Bonk, hearing how often "Bonk is a top defensive center that is great on the power play", it's so good to be vindicated by Montreal putting him as a healthy scratch tonight.

Bonk is brutal. He has always been brutal. The only points he got were from linemates using him as a human pylon to bank shots off of into the net. I swear I heard Alfie call "bank" once before bouncing a shot off Bonk's head into the net. Wow, I can't believe I'm even calling him Bonk now (maybe because of the massive relief that he's finally gone) since we always refer to him as "Boink", appropriately I might add.

Well he's finally been recognized as the floating no work bum that he is. Now that Gainey's in charge they're not taking any of this lack of effort crap, no justifications from Hab's management. So sweet.

It took 7 years but finally someone has figured it out.

PS> Have we got a new problem on hand? Emery gets in fights, talks tough and is very inconsistent (either winning convincingly or getting blown out), all things that I almost admired. First the hair dying thing and now with this helmet sitch it seems as though management is getting a little tired of his act... hmmm I wonder might develop there...

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Simply Process

I've always loved this. Elequant, funny and bang on point:

You'll learn more from that one comic than some of the MBA courses out there!

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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Bulldog Bark

Everyone knows how hockey crazy I am and although the AHL team in Hamilton (the Bulldogs) sit dead last in the division standings, I was able to score some free tix to yesterday's game (thanks Brenda!!) so it was a no-brainer. Who I was really interested in watching was former Ottawa 67 standout Corey Locke, who was drafted by the Montreal Canadians and who now played for their farm team - the Bulldogs.

Things did not start out well, although the Bulldogs held a 1-0 lead in the first, they were constantly on the penalty kill and Locke saw maybe 3 shifts in the first (he was not used on the PK throughout the entire game and not on the power play in the first). They started to play more hockey a third of the way into the second and Locke had a few more shifts. I noticed they played him right away after each of the Manitoba Moose goals, probably to spark some offence as he' currently the leading scorer for the Bulldogs this season.

It was shocking how small he looked out there! I knew he was small but in junior you never really notice because there's so many other small and medium sized guys out there, in this game he looked like one of those Tim Horton's scrimmage kids from the intermission that had lost his way (sizewise, not skillwise).

Locke seemed to gain steam as the game went on, gathering an assist in the second, assisting on another that got disallowed (high stick) and a power play goal in the third to pull the team within one. He even threw a pretty good body check on a guy in the third behind the net, solid. The ending was happy one for Bulldog fans, and I was happy with a solid performance by Locke (discounting the first period) although it was hard to see how he'll be able to elevate his game to the NHL level given the shear differential in physical size and strength. Click the pic below to see Corey Locke's shootout try, the Bulldogs won the shootout 2-1 and the game 5-4.

Overall I'd give the entertainment value of the game a solid 5 out of 5. I'll defiantly have to check out another game soon... Go Bulldogs! :-)

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Ou Es Tu?

Sometimes people who have lived in Paris and now live elsewhere miss those good times. I am one of those people, and this is one of those times:

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where's Hamilton?

For those of you living outside of Canada the question posed in the title probably takes on a whole new meaning. What I'm referring to however is the blanket fog that's hit the city today. Truely you cannot see 5 inches from your face. For all you Presians who keep e-mailing for a photo of the view from the appartment... here ya go ;-)

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Where On The Web?

Do you know, where you're going to?

An amazing site with blog and video documentation of a climb up Everest.

Drug and illegal immegrant smuggling tunnels from Mexico to the US. Amazing what you can accomplish, now if only they could use that power for good and not evil!

What's it like to work at Google? Or just use Google to find out what happened video game endings. Finally after all these years and multiple hundreds of quarters spent in my youth to no avail, I finally get to see the Golden Axe ending... wow, that was so not worth it. :-)

The Britsh version of the Office is so much better than the American knockoff, although it's been getting better.

Webcams from around the world.

Get through those annoying automated messages on customer support/1-800 lines.

Stewie's got a web radio show, cool!

The only thing funnier than this film is knowing that I owned a copy of that game. Most brutal game ever!

Cool tricks to learn.

What Canadians are known for.

For all my friends that have somehow gotten hooked on online dating, now you can "pod-date" ;-)

A site and book about... about... about... peeing. Peeing all over the place. Ok this post is officially done.

Sidenote: at least it's now free to pee in Paris ;-)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Broken Flowers

Sometimes life brings some strange surprises...

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What Does That Sign Say?!?

Lonely Planet traveler Tony Wheeler's got a great post with weird signs around the world. Mmmm, I'm thirsty, I could really go for a...

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Off for the Weekender!

Stuff that happened this week:

Heat activated urinal ads. Especially effective for you guys with burning herpies ;-)

A brewery in Ottawa gets press in Germany for offering beers with different labels for each of the different political parties in Canada. German even slueths out that it's the Trafalgar brewery.

Better than cable TV.

The politician that should be prosecuted for basically taking bribes instead of acting in the best interests of her constituents didn't get re-elected. Still she got 18489 votes?? Who the...!

Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

Can't Sleep...

...but what a view :-)

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ok, I'm in Canada right? I'm not so sure anymore. Put aside the fact that it's going to be 15 degrees tomorrow... Jan 27th "middle of winter", but now I'm seeing German retaurants and stores all over the place. This is going to be an interesting weekend drinking German beer (early in the morning mind you) watching the second half of the Bundesliga season unfold.

The best of these stores is Denningers foods of the world. Lots of groovy stuff in there. Best part is that they even have spetzle! Remember how I didn't know what people call that in english (because we don't have that here), well they simply called it egg noodles, so anti-climatic. Spetzle it is and spetzle it'll stay!

Oh and Hamburg picked up that cancer fat man "Ailton" over the break. Thank you, now I don't have to worry about them finishing in the top 5 of the standings ;-) GO VFB!!

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It's ALIVE!!

Boo-yeah, my web cam is alive and well... well maybe not so well since the sound and quality sucks, but when it's for shits and giggles I think it'll be Oh-Tey ;-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's A Small World

Yesturday I was blown away when Bits tells me she was upgraded to business class on her flight home and just happened to sit next to Canada's own hockey coach legend Don Cherry:

Today I'm walking home from work and get a boom mike on me from Ottawa's own, comedian Tom Green! Man it's a small world out there!

If you're into hiphop or wanna check out what Tom's up to now, go hit the Underground in Hamilton tonight as he'll be playing with his new band. Check the O.R.!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What A Day

Some days you're the dog and some days you're the hydrant...

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Monster Closet

My new place doesn't look so new with a hoard of groceries!

And what the heck is in my closet?!?!


Well we were joking about it at the meeting this morning that we had escaped a year without snow in Hamilton (it's dumped in Ottawa for sure). No sooner said then jinx'ed:

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Money Man Steve

I don't know how Stevie J has gone from the worst forwarder ever to one of the best, but he has. Consequently I guess it's time to re-evaluate my alcohol intake as it's either that or drifting nuclear waste gas that making me like his shit. Either way I've got to give it to him, three for three, you did it buddy! Although waiting to see how long until it devolves to crap again makes me shutter ;-) Until then click the pic to see Stevie's latest installment: (Windows media player required)

Well done Stevie, well done.

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Video Stars

The best of Google video so far:

Digital girlfriend.

Funky dancer. (wait till the last guy goes)

Workplace row team.

Bank it ;-)

Life Whispers

"We could learn a lot from crayons.
Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull.
Some have weird names, and all are different colors,
but they all have to live in the same box."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ice City

Stuttgart-K gets in a wicked slide show of a city called Versoix (near Geneva Switzerland) where the ice takes over in winter:

Tres cool :-)

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Truck Truckin'

A big couple days for the Stevie-J-myster, first he gets his fab five on the site, and now he gets cool truck signs on the day after. There's not much to say other than: rollin' rollin' rollin', keep those damn posts rollin', rawhide!

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Andorra Adora

No kinding, wish I could be there snowboarding with you guys right now with all our problems blowing away with the drift...

The babe's got style I'll give her that!

Give er Lat!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Links and Buzz

A beautiful day not to be on the net, but before I go outside:

Breakups are tough. They're even tougher when your pet parrot is the one to break the news to you.

Doesn't this pic totally remind you of Dawson's Creek? I just saw a show on Star! chronicaling the life of the actors playing the 4 main characters, not too shaby seeing katie holmes grow up! (via Cantor)

Here's a site that's started to list hard to find 1-800 numbers for customer service. Damn it pisses me off that there's even a need for this type a site, fucking companies not getting customer service... ok I move on.

Remember that toy I really wanted, the remote control missiles? Well I really want them now!

Trying out Snippy, cool:

The Bengals are out, but it was a great season of touchdown celebrations by our man Chad Johnson.

Some great intra-preneur advise from Guy K. Many of you are asking me what I'm doing and why I love my new job so much, read this and know that I'm in the early stages :-)

Unsecured webcams around the world. Maps of the World Cup 2006 venues.

When bloggers/podcasters get pissy. Man that's an impressive list of feeder icon links on the sidebar!

She drives me crazy (in a very good way) too. My god I need to change my underwear now. Definatly on my top 5!! :-)

I've been thinking of moving to AVG from Norton for a while now. With the recent expiry of my Norton subscription and this story... goodbye Norton, you were innovators at one time, now you're just slow and buggy.

A comparison study of Germany vs. USA.

The voting has begun for the world's seven wonders.

...and finally I leave you with Guy K's 10 great hindsight advice:

#10: Live off your parents as long as possible.
#9: Pursue joy, not happiness.
#8: Challenge the known and embrace the unknown.
#7: Learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument, and play non-contact sports.
#6: Continue to learn.
#5: Learn to like yourself or change yourself until you can like yourself. #4: Don't get married too soon.
#3: Play to win and win to play.
#2: Obey the absolutes.
#1: Enjoy your family and friends before they are gone.
Enjoy your weekend everyone, a HUGE double home game series between the sens and leafs starting tonight, first time there's been two games, two nights in a row with the same teams in the regular season... it's going to be a bloodbath! :-)

Saturday Quote

Best e-mail forward of the day, certainly put a smile on my face. Warning: business sarcasm in motion:

"I had to laugh at this quote from an entertainment exec in Saul Hansell’s NY Time’s story about Starz offering movies for download.

“We see a market out there of people who are saying, ‘I want to choose what I want to watch, control how I watch it and watch it wherever I am,’ ” said Robert Greene, a senior vice president at Starz…

Yes, that’s a new niche market called everybody."
Some execs just don't get it.

Kiss Me, I'm Hamilton?

This Friday was a bummer since I didn't have my two ladies from Sydney and Loo joining me at the Irish Pub (a convienient 60m walk from the appartment :-)

I certainly hope that wasn't your flight ticket home Al! And don't forget my partner in crime Whitey! (click pic below for short vid)

Love Salaite Irish Pub here in Hamilton, ok I guess I've never met an irish pub I didn't like, but you get the gist ;-)

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Those Germans

Who says German's don't have a sense of humour? Vowe says it in a nutshell "only in Germany":


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Friday, January 20, 2006


The world is turning upside down. How else can you explain supermodel Kate Moss throwing herself at Jack Osborne? Ok, well actually you can, this proves that cash, drugs and fame can get you chicks no matter how fat, ugly and dumb you are. But how can you explain this:

THAT is Janet Jackson. No joke. Don't ask me what happened to some of the most astoundingly cut abs in history, I guess they're in there... somewhere.

I honestly think it would be a 24/7 job to get that fat after only 2 years. Seriously.

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The King Strikes Again

This is hilarious, gorgeous Brooke Burke sighted frollicking with the Burger King. God I love Burger King's marketing department!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Late Sunday Mountain View

Flickr users have got it going on, especially guys like this... picture-esque:

Reposted this pic from before as I found the attibute. Anyways it rocks almost as much as this guy. Love the do ;-)

Hamilton Sky

I love brisk Canadian winter days, the sun seems to always shine over here! :-)

...this should give a better impression of how bright it is today:


Don't mind the scowl, I actually do enjoy it ;-)

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Happy B-Day Timmy!

Happy birthday Timmy-boy, or perhaps now that your 33 I should say "Timmy-man" ;-) Oh well, no matter how old you get buddy you'll always be our little German Mexican marocca dancer! ;-)

(click photo for quick movie, windows media player required)

Shake it Timmy, shake it! ;-)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mountain Village

In Hamilton it's pretty funny because they call this ridge on one edge of the downtown core "the mountain" despite the fact that any pure bred skier wouldn't even consider it a bunnyhill. Somehow in the minds of the locals I think they feel like it's more like this:

...oh but only if that were true! :-)

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Snow Train

You knew this freak summer weather wasn't going to last. Got up early this morning to grab the train for a out of towner meeting, looked out the window and thought "the train's not the only thing chugging in, here comes the snow!":

Got off the train at the wrong stop on route, frigging brutal.

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...Upon A Star

Have you wished?

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hamilton CN Station

Cruisin' around Hamilton is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you're goina get ;-) Best of the nights walk, the restored CN train station that used to be an entry for people escaping the war in the States way back when:

I'm getting back into my fitness groove... with a slight bump last Sunday after a raunchy Sat night out ;-)

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Park That Park

A bunch of guys got together and rented a parking space on the road (by continually paying the meter) to build a mini park. Called the Park(ing) project, it was conceived to raise awareness of the need for public green space:

Very creative. Very cool.

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Monday, January 16, 2006


Yesturday was not a good day fit wise. All day I felt like I'd puke. With a little TV, food, rest and TLC I was back up to 85% today. Hitting the sack tonight at 10pm will bump that back up to 100% by tomorrow. Thank god I love my new job otherwise the 6:30am wakeup today would not have gone near as well as it did!

Reminds me of a little episode that happened in a far far away place a long time ago that I like to call "Chris's little accident" ;-)

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Stevie's Fab Five

Just like the title says, the Fab Five according to Mr. Stevie J:

#5 - Avril Lavinge

#4 - Tara Reid (who I happen to be watching on "Wild On" right now)

#3 - Jennifer Love-Hewitt

#2 - Anna Kournakova

#1 - Jessica Alba

Good job Stevie ;-)

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