Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Russian Bride

Buy beer, win a Russian bride. What a great combination.

Hilarious, although the first sign has now come to pass ;-)

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Avril the Shill

At the risk of getting laughed out of the building, it seems our pretty little miss Avril Lavigne is shilling out more than just pop-y musak to her army of girly wannabe's. The ad was distributed to all her fan club (average age probably in the range of 8-16):

Very nice. Way to go Avril, get those kids hooked on a card early. The best quote from the spam "best of all, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE 18"!! Just great. Thanks for the offer but I think I'll wait until you start selling viagra to you fan club instead. Brutal.

Man, marriage has ruined Avril ;-)

Update: Second best quote from the spam: "Rock the plastic!". Absolutely brutal.

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Hotmail Ads

I never noticed the ads in Hotmail using icons that look a bit like an extension to the left hand navigation bar:


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Monday, February 27, 2006

What Matters

Instead of posting about how busy/tired I am, or how some things at work blew today, or how my shreddies were too soggy during breakfast this morning... I'll simply point you to this video link from CNN. Inspiring.

(via Steve's TGOR Nation Blog)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gold Medal Blues

Well since the gold medal game isn't Canada vs. anybody perhaps you're thinking about other forms of entertainment, say some professional juggling by Chriss Bliss or maybe catching up with the Depesh Mode world tour?

I think I'll just sell my tickets, juggle my travel itinerary and rock over to Naples...

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Friday, February 24, 2006


Got a question?

What the Flying Haselhof

Am I suffering from flying high with high speed internet connection or am I imagining things:

Flying with high speed internet rocks. That photo does not. Either the world below has gone to pot or I'm really too tired to differentiate between reality and candyland. Time for some Zzzz's...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Travel Pic Galore

Travelling again and taking pics on my camera just reminds me of all the ones I wanted to post about previous trips... like Vancouver:

Man, was that already 2 weeks ago?? Time flys...

Real Vancouver pics to come...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hat's Off

Congrats to Russia. In another hockey classic Canada-Russia game, they outplayed us. Russia was definatly the better team today. Looks like my finals tickets on Sunday will not include the maple leaf :-(

The achilles heal for Russia since Tretiyak has always been week goaltending. I don't know where he found it but Nabokov played (and is playing) his ass off. Can he keep it going until the finals?

As for the Canadians, the team never gelled. I don't believe they were the best players of 2006, perhaps they were the best before the lockout, but there were some key obmissions and even more importantly some players that should not have been there. Bertuzzi hurt Canada again today with a terrible pick penalty that was totally unnecessary and dido for Nash who had no business being on the ice with the class of those players. They both probably were not the sole reason we lost, but they certainly were the killing stroke against any possible Canadian comeback.

Well there's plenty of time for analysis in the coming days, great job Russia, now go on and win that gold! :-)

As down as I am about this result I still think hitting Turin for the finals is "tres cool"... hmmm I guess I'm now hoping for a Russia-Czech final.

Canada Russia

The ultimate game starts this afternoon, Canada vs. Russia Olympic hockey. No surprise there, the greatest hockey nations faceing head to head. The one twist is that for a change this matchup isn't for the gold medal, in fact it's winner goes on, loser goes home.

There's not a medal but a chance at a medal on the line and the winner rips away that chance for the other. It's going to be a great game and both Canada and Russia will be glued to the TV starting at 8:30PM Turin time.

Go Canada Go!!!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Lonely 4

1AM... fire alarm goes off... running around... waving a towel by the smoke alarm... realizing it's not my appartment but the whole building... finding a shirt and keys... announcement over the PA: "there is an emergency on the 26th floor" (we're on the 27th)... running down 27 flights of a wet painted staircase... reaching a deserted bottom... grand total number of evacuated people of a 45 storey appartment comlex: 4

Four people out of the whole building evacuated in a situation with a continuous alarm AND an annoucement declaring that it might be an actual emergency!! Let's go over that again. F-o-u-r people, out of a building housing over 2500+ people actually evacuated. Four.

My appartment alone (2 of 4 people) could carry a vote! In fact 3 additional people returning from elsewhere while we waited downstairs arrived, one didn't even want to wait for the declaration from the fire department that it was safe to return before heading ustairs back to his appartment!

Crazy crazy world.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hockey Time

Slight blogging return to wish the women congrats on a HUGE Olympic tourni bringing home the gold and a heads up to the lads who will pull it together for the elimination rounds. This is what we all grew up dreaming about...

Can't wait to get to Turin!

Now back to your regularly scheduled hietus (just until I get back from Italy :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Euro Break

For the first time since starting with Newsgator I used the "catchup" feature that restarts all feeds from point zero, today. Staring at 3000+ posts to read from the past 4 days coupled with a total lack of desire to post or read them led me to my first purge. Three days after not having posted I've decided to declare a blog vacation :-)

With visiting friends, Winterlude, upcoming Turin plans and oh yeah, work ;-) it'll be a much needed break. Later blogosphere, see you next week.

In a classic case of diverting attention away (from the lack of post this week), I'll invoke the "hey look over there" with this pic: ;-)

Hope that ties you over ;-)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Winter Weekend Work

There's just too much going on at work, Olympic hockey, conference wrapup, catching up with old friends... posting will resume soon ;-) Some interesting links I've scrapped together:

Best (and worst) places to live in the US... if you're a man. Clearly the article is a joke since the Playboy mansion is not listed as #1 place to live. Rookies.

The only way to shut "The" Fat Man up. Give the guy that did that a raise. (Update: he's now injured, no one is happier than Hamburg fans, although both Hamburg and VFB Stuttgart lost their UEFA games last night :-(

I love this Bud Light Super Bowl XL commercial, I love after the guy grabs the beers as squeals whoo hoo!

Part of the reason I want a tablet for my next PC purchase.

Enjoy the Winterfun weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Google Chat

Google's integrated chat into their Gmail web based client. Just another way for you poser's to get around the corporate firewall and chat online.

If you need an invite to Gmail (is there anyone left who doesn't have one?) just drop EuroRoss an e-mail...

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Just Like EuroRoss?

BlogCode is a little tool that tells you a list of other blogs similar to the one you specify, so you can check out blogs with a similar focus/theme as the ones you read or your own (or the competition ;-) Here's the initial EuroRoss list... no 80% "strong" matches, I guess EuroRoss is just very... original ;-)

Update: I'm pretty sure you can check the order of when each blog was entered into the system by looking at the last number of the generated URL for that blog comparison.

ie. Scoble's blog result page is: http://www.blogcode.com/lcompare.php?r=263 ; indicating he was the 263rd blog to be entered (manually) into the system whereas the EuroRoss blog's result page URL is: http://www.blogcode.com/lcompare.php?r=456 ; indicating I was the 456th person to enter my blog. Since the comparison is only as valuable as the quantity of blogs in the database I can see now why there were no 80%+ matches for EuroRoss and why Scoble's blog somehow magically appeared on my list.

The first blog inputted? Wonkette.

I'm not sure why #'s 2-4 do not work (it kicks you to the browse blogs page with results, possibly for untitled blogs?) although randomly testing other 2 and 3 digit numbers seem to be working.

Update 2: Nope, 2-4 just arn't present, you get the same page when you type in numbers greater than the last blog number inputted (currently #470 at the time of this update post).

Update 3: The search tool is clearly crap, I just did a blog title search and a separate blog URL search for EuroRoss and recieved a "no matching blog" error message:

I wonder how long it will take them to index there own blog list, especially since there's less than 500 currently!!

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Testing "Live" Search

I doubt it'll take very long for the "live" search (aka: blog search) engines to pick up and index Scoble's use of "brrreeeport", but I'm interested to see how long it takes them to notice it here on EuroRoss... my guess is at least a week, possibly a month :-)

(PS> I'm not tagging this as I want to see how long until it indexes without the aid of tags or pinging which would give live search a clear advantage over traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN)

Update: Still not indexed (although it's only been 30 mins) but I wish I could also test tagged, image and titled posts with the word brrreeeport to see the order of indexing. For extra marks do this with a number of different terms and site ranking levels to get some statistically relevant info ;-)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Yahoo! That Bitch

Can't find that great EuroRoss post? Google it, or rather Yahoo! that bitch!

It's true, "Yahoo! that bitch" is the new "Google it".

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Blogger's been flakey the last 2 weeks and now this from PingGoat:

Temporarily down

Pingoat has been taken down temporarily because of heavy DDOS attacks. Will be back soon.. (08:35 PM GMT - Feb 12 2006)
© Pingoat.com

Looks like there's a storm in everyone's life lately...

The Return

Well I'm back... and so is the snow. Nice how that corresponded together to make my connecting flight capolla. Anyways... sllleeeeeeep! :-)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pack On That Beer Belly

Very cool drinkers tool, a beer container disguised as a beer belly so you can smuggle beer into sports venues. The only problem: most of the people who would use something like this already have a beer belly!

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Saturday, February 11, 2006


It's good to sit down and reflect on goals and "learnings" (other than just before/during/after Jan 1 ;-) every once in a while. Today I'm reflecting on everything absorbed here at the Northern Voice conference 2006. There was lots of great sessions, of particular value to me was:
Dave Sifry - Leadership Hacks (note: his "Sifry on the Blogosphere" session with Tim Bray on Saturday was also interesting but was 50% reverb from his appearance at Les Blogs 2.0 so was of discounted value for me personally despite being well run and presented) .

Phillip Jeffrey - Discover, Create, Remember, Share: Why tagging works for me (an interesting session on a topic of growing importance and relevance for the next few years).

Kevin Marks, Robert Scoble and Will Pate - Geek Out (bloggers getting together sharing the tools that make our lives easier) defiantly the best practical knowledge session of the weekend. This is something that should be done more often, perhaps online?

Most interesting demo session: Michael Tippett - Now Public

Which sessions did you find the most valuable? Why? What's the most important idea, lesson, tip, hack or anything that you're taking away from the conference? For myself I'll need a little more reflection on these questions before being able to answer them although I'm sure there's a golden nugget in there somewhere, or perhaps not a golden nugget but a collection of gold shavings ;-)

So with my final live Northern Voice post for 2006 I urge everyone to reflect on everything they've learned and try and share it with others.

Rockin' photo by Doc Searls.

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Bad-Bye Trappi

Well it took 3 games more than the half-way point of the Bundesliga season but the VFB Stuttgart brass finally realized what fans have known since game 5 of the season, Trapattoni was not the right man for the job.

In fact I'm a bit surprised they they were able to act this quickly. Usually the coach gets the benefit of at least one full season (just look at Sammer, the man Trap replaced). So kudos to VFB management for not mailing in the rest of this season and actually acting to try and save a EUFA cup berth. As for the replacement...

Who the hell is Armin Veh?? Taking a gander at his resume is less than an impressionate experience (thanks to German for sending this data in):

2. Bundesliga 1997/1998 SpVgg Greuther Trainer bis 14.10.97
2. Bundesliga 2000/2001 SSV Reutlingen Trainer
2. Bundesliga 2001/2002 SSV Reutlingen Trainer bis 12.12.01
Bundesliga 2001/2002 Hansa Rostock Trainer ab 03.01.02
Bundesliga 2002/2003 Hansa Rostock Trainer
Bundesliga 2003/2004 Hansa Rostock Trainer bis 06.10.03
Regionalliga 2003/2004 FC Augsburg Trainer ab 13.10.03
Regionalliga 2004/2005 FC Augsburg Trainer bis 27.09.04

We'll see how it all shapes up, at least they're accepting the fact that it didn't work out and are moving quickly (relatively) to try and improve this season. Bye bye Trap, it's been a painful 8 monhts...

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Northern Voice Moose Break

The afternoon sessions are definatly more interesting although technical issues just never seem to go away ;-)

Time to take a break and enjoy the last of the sun before the "big 2" sessions that I was looking forward to attending, David Sifry's "Leadership Hacks" and Scoble's Vista demo.

The day is just flying by...

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Moose Feed

Hit the town for some lunch and ended up touring (grub in hand) the entire time. No need for a jacket, it's absolutly beautiful outside! I've got some great pics to post from the walk but the first afternoon session is about to start...

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Ajax For Geeks; Ajax For Non-Geeks

I'm attending both sessions, Ajax for Geeks and Ajax for non-Geeks. Here's hoping that I'm geek enough to hang in the first session and cool enough to hang in the second ;-)

So far an overview of AJaX and the benefits, uses, etc. etc...

Now into some programming styles and even code bytes...

Ok I think I'm going to skip the AJaX for non-geeks and hit the Ma.gnolia.com demo. Update: yep at Ma.gnolia, although a web company that can't get their powerpoint slides to full screen seems a bit sketchy. Ok this is dragging...

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Real Time Reporting

This session was a demo of "Now Public". The capture of text, title edit and tagging is really easy to use and the site itself is digg-like with news. Adding videos and pics is also native.

A better than expected session (since I wasn't too interested in the topic) all the sessions I really want to attend are double scheduled in the afternoon, blah. To easy to choose any session this morning, too hard to choose which ones this afternoon. At least it's a good warmup :-)

Of course the morning sessions allow me to pay half attention to my feeds, well done blogebrity for making me laugh with this pic:

Ride on David... Ride on.

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Good quotes (not verbatum):

"Your first 3 months of blogging is like your first three months of learning a musical instrument"

- I totally agree on this, blogging is a craft that needs pratice and time in order to improve. I'm not saying my writting style (which increasingly focuses on pictures and visuals) is any cup of soup, but take a look at my first couple months of posts... ouch!

Regular education blogger type conversation going on, tools are not great for edu-blogging, how to engage the students and even professors, privacy and shyness of posting online issues etc... off to next session...

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Northern Voice 2006

On route to Northern Voice 2006, actually I'm already here ;-) Last night was a bit of a blur, first impressions are that West Jet rocks. Having a 7+ hour trip to Vancouver (5 in air plus transfer) I loaded up my laptop with legal *cough* TV and movies for the trip. No needo! Westjet has digital satelite TV (movies are $5 extra), and let me tell ya, watching the Red Wings vs. Predators on TSN (hockey) really helps the flight time "fly" by. Oh yeah, the service was great, although the $5 sandwhich was a bit of a bummer.

My quick stopover in Edmonton wasn't too shabby either, gotta love an airport with its own Montana's! I guess chatting it up with two semi-loaded chicks at the bar returning home from their Asia trip wasn't too shabby either ;-) Got me excited about going, but it's still way down on the list (Australia, Iceland, South America, Russia (this time west Russia) and Safari Africa are all ahead of Asia on the list).

When I was a kid I spent a small fortune on these hockey games. Being a HUGE Oilers fan back then I would have died to have one of these branded games... who's kidding who, I'd die for one of these now! :-)

Getting excited now, the trip downtown on a tamer than normal Thursday night Vancouver city. The cabbie told be it's usually pretty low key in January (end of holidays and new years) and doesn't pick back up until mid-Feb. Don't worry, Bry and I will rock the city senseless tonight! :-)

Once again scored bigtime with the hotel, Hampton Inn. Big rooms, clean, right downtown beside BC place, FREE high speed...

...and the best part, corner room. What a great view (and admittingly terrible picture quality, sorry about that, it was 2am Ontario time and I was too lazy to jiggy with it):

Viva la Vancouver!

Conference just fired up, I'm starting in the Edu-blogging session, it's starting...

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

In Vancouver

...and SO tired! But it's a great town and I had to check it out quickly before hitting the sack tonight. That's going to be one early wake-up call tomorrow!

The Future Holds

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."
- Wayne Gretzky


Get your Snowfix on, episode 7 rocks hardcore! Go 13 mins into the vidcast for the Jenny Jones clips... Awesome!

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Off To Vancouver

I'm off to Vancouver, the bad news... in January it rained 29 out of 31 days. Hopefully February will fair better, at least the 9th to the 12th ;-)

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Friendster Unfriendly?

Marc Canter talks about the growing marginalization of social networking site Friendster and posts a cut of his profile:

Does anything look suspicious there? ;-)

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Gambling Again

Hockey players that get involved with gambling,
gamble with the very integrity of the game.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bits 'N Kids

Can you guess which is which?

Just jokin' bits, clearly you're the one on the far left. ;-)

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Hi, my name is stereo mike.
Yeah, we got three tickets to the bran van concert happening this monday night at the pacific pallisades
You can all dial in if you want to answer a couple of questions,
namely, what is todd’s favourite cheese.
Jackie just called up and said it was a form of roquefort.
we’ll see about that...
Give us a ring-ding-ding!
it’s a beautiful day.

Yeah todd, this is liquid ring-a-ding-a-dinging,
want those three bran van tickets man. waddya think?
Todd, you there?

I woke up again this morning with the sun in my eyes,
When Mike came over with a script surprise.
A mafioso story with a twist,
A ’too wong foo, Julie newmarkt’ hitch,
Get your ass out of bed,
he said: I’ll explain it on the way.

But we did nothing, absolutely nothing that day,
and I say:
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26?
I got the fever for the flavour,
the payback will be later,
still I need a fix.

And the girls on the bus kept on laughing at us,
As we rode on the ten down to venice again.
Flaring out the g-funk,
Sipping on a juice and gin,
Just me and a friend.
Feeling kinda groovy,
Working on a movie.

But we did nothing,
absolutely butkis that day,
and I say:
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A.
at 26?

With my mind on my money and my money on my...
beer, beer!
I know that life is for the taking,
so I better wise up,
and take it quick.

Yeah, one more time at trader Vic’s.
Some men there wanted to hurt us,
And other men said we weren’t worth the fuss.
We could see them all bitching by the bar,
About the fine line, between the rich and the poor.
Then Mike turned to me and said: what do you think we got done son?
We’ve got a conclusion, and I guess that’s something,

so I ask you:
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A.
at 26?
I got the fever for the nectar,
the payback will be later,
still I need a fix.

We need to fix you up,
call me Monday and maybe we’ll fix it all up.
Hell-A, L.A., hell hell-A, L.A.

So I ask you:
What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A.
at 26?

- Bran Van 3000

Monday, February 06, 2006

No Dope Smoke

A sign of things to come? An area of Amsterdam where smoking dope is no longer allowed.

Apparently they've started selling the signs commercially because so many have been stolen, adding vintage decor to any hot box shack :-)

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Weekend Scraps

I'm way to beat to blog, and I'm going out again in 10 anyways, so here's some she-ott from the weekend:

Dogs stylin' with ads:

Of you can style on your own with these shoes with the bike leg straps built right in.

Do you speak Francais or Quebecois?

Some pretty cool dudes ;-) There's also some funny low-key vids at It's Jerry's Time.

Ottawa's bidding for the World Junior Hockey Championships again after having been screwed the last 3 times. I'll go postal if we don't get it for the 2009 tourni!

Does language influence our perception of the world? Is there such thing as linguistic determinism?

Find your beer, liquor and other alcohol in Ontario Canada. That's right, get yo stank on!

Find out where and who designed a whole bunch of corporate logo's.

Those crazy Germnas, running an ad for "the gas of tomorrow" next to a story about Auschwitz. Not good. Of course they're also having PR problems with their new "Du Bist Deutschland" national campaign. Guess it hits just a little too close to Hitler's mantra's for their liking.

A great post with the rantings of a 50+ year old on the current generation.

We can all pee for free now in Paris :-) I want my $2.50 euros from past pees back! ;-) You'll need those free pitstops if you plan to check out all these waterfalls around Hamilton!

Does anyone use TalkDigger? Let me know how you like it.

This site rocks. I guess the world is not flat afterall :-)

Interviewing the homeless, what's your dream job?

All for now, time to go Vorglühen!! :-)

One to the Other

Superbowl Sunday... Superhangover Monday :-(

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Up Up and Away!

Things lately seem to be going up, Up and UP!! Hopefully it'll keep on truckin' into February :-)

More cool photo's over at Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection.

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Most Desireable?

Ask Men's 99 most desireable women. Yummy. My new fav Sienna Miller clicks in a cool #2 to this years champ, Jessica Alba:

Who's your #1?

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NHL Coverage

Look the NHL is doing a great job responding to fans, making the product more exciting to watch and winning over our wallets after a brutal year long lockout. Having said that, regional territory blackouts have got to stop. Living in Hamilton means being chained to only leaf games on national TV, requiring Sportsnet to blackout the sens on a night when the leafs aren't even playing (meaning everyone else gets the sens, and we get crappy NBA show reruns) is absolutely BRUTAL!!

Hello Ross,

Thanks for your recent
email. Unfortunately, due to blackout restrictions set forth by
the NHL, we are only able to broadcast their games regionally this season.
In other words, since it sounds like you live in Ontario west of
Belleville, you will only be able to access our Maple Leafs games on
Sportsnet Ontario. All other team's games will be blacked out from
you. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may

Jim LaChapelle
Come on NHL, stop that shit and let us all enjoy more hockey... at the very least on nights the "mighty" Leafs aren't playing! Stewie says "Gimme my frigging hockey you bitches!"

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Waddup Weather

Ok, my cell was all screwy so I waited for the rain to stop and headed on over to the mall to get it fixed. I was smart this time, wearing all rain gear and bringing my unbrella. Ha ha, the rain wouldn't get me this time!

So what happens? as I'm walking out of the mall (10 minutes after arriving and getting my phone fixed) and it's freezing rain/hailing outside! Those little stones hurt like heck! Now I really know something's up!

Would someone with a direct line upstairs throw me a bone and let me know what's going on?!? As I look out the window the rain has temporarily stopped. Man I feel like one of those cartoon charaters with the rain cloud following me around everywhere!

Weekend Rain

Two weeks in a row I head out to Fortino's for groceries and the rain starts just beofre I get there (30 min walk away). When the rain starts I know I can high tail it straight back to the flat before the real downpour so I don't get wet, but then the entire hour's wasted and I still have to get groceries. Needless to say I'm totally soaked.

If you want it to rain in Hamilton, just let me know and I'll go get some groceries. The human rain machine I am.

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Tough Canadian Hockey

Hockey players are the toughest SOB's in the world. This fight vid (click the pic) is from the Bulldogs game last weekend:

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Not A Word

Today at work I caught three 45-50 year old women checking me out. That's just wrong on so many levels.

I need a drink...

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Big Day Out

In Australia they have their national holiday in January, at which time on the 26th in Sydney there's a HUGE festival called "Big Day Out". Isn't it funny how my 2007 trip to Oz coinsides nicely with that date, funny how that worked out ;-)

Anyways, to give me a taste of what it's like my good buddy Al shot me some pics from her BDO tour this year. The results were more than a taste and left me hungry and saluvating for next years journey. Take a gander yourself, they had a boat in the bay and everything!! The crew:

Anchors up!

Chillin' on the boat, having a beer, watchin' the army battleships roll on into harbour...

Sydney skyline:

The Bay:

Night festivities:

Sydney harbour nightfall... breathtaking!

I can deal with sitting around with a cold beer and that scene, deal quite nicely thank you...

Are you drooling yet? I am. Can't wait to get over there Al, warm up my board and get the hell away from my waves! :-)

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